• Does your head hurt after everything...

    Does your head hurt after everything you do or don't do? Identify the causes and get cured with the help of nature!

    Got a headache?" Why?

    Headache is a very unpleasant feeling of discomfort. Cephalgia can manifest itself in different parts of the head (in the upper part, on the temples, neck area...). The causes of pain can also be very diverse: someone has a headache after tanning, someone-after washing their hair, others have a headache after going to Church… The most interesting cases are presented by the phenomena when women after Botox headache (many women who have undergone this procedure complain of discomfort) or after embryo transfer (embryo transfer is an extremely rare cause of cephalgia, however, it exists).

    A long-term headache can dramatically reduce a person's quality of life and productivity, whether it's a headache or a migraine. at work, at school, or at home. Pain always has a cause. They don't just appear out of boredom.

    It is very important to know at least the main causes of cephalgia, so that you can avoid this unpleasant pain without medical intervention. On the other hand, if the headaches are extremely intensive, regular and restrict you in your daily life, then of course it is necessary to consult a doctor, he will diagnose the root cause of the disease and prescribe appropriate treatment. Headaches affect up to 20% of women and up to 10% of men worldwide. These numbers are not as small as they might seem, so read on to find out more.

    Why does your head hurt after...?

    Headache occurs as a result of changes within the body or due to environmental influences that are not normal for the body. The appearance of pain may be primary (changes in the brain structure) and secondary (weather changes, diseases, infections, pressure, stress, medications, food (often after a sweet headache) and other factors). There are many answers to the question of why headaches occur, but if your cephalgia is unbearable, consult your doctor to determine the exact cause the origin of pain and choose the right treatment. If the soreness is not serious and is not of a restrictive nature, alternative treatments can also be tried.

    Splitting the headache

    Clustered cephalalgia

    This is the most severe and most unpleasant headache. It occurs more often in men than in women.

    Causes of cluster cephalgia

    The reason why there is this pain, is not defined from a scientific point of view, but probably the trigger is a higher intensity of thought and possibly stress.

    Signs of cluster cephalgia

    Severe and intense soreness around the eyes or in the eyes, nasal congestion or visual disturbances, lacrimation.


    The most ideal option for relieving an attack is to lie down, relax, close your eyes and relax until the pain subsides. The pain can last for several minutes, or for several hours.

    Help from nature

    If you have the opportunity, make a hot bath, using any essential oil with a soothing effect to prepare it effect. Or prepare herbal tea with honey.


    These are paroxysmal headaches that gradually get worse. This type of disease affects women more than men.

    Causes of migraines

    The main reason the onset of migraines can be stress, exhaustion, or prolonged anxiety. In some people, an attack occurs from sweetness.

    Signs of migraine

    Migraine is most often manifested by severe headache or nausea, sensitivity to light. Migraines are manifested by painful sensations behind the eyes or on the whole half of your head.


    If possible, try to lie down, close your eyes, and switch off completely. Do not turn on music or TV, rest in silence, the soreness should ease. However, if you are susceptible to seizures often, i.e. several times a month, it is advisable to consult a doctor.

    Help from nature

    If nausea is not present, you can prepare herbal tea with honey. If you are at home, prepare a warm bath or light an aroma lamp with any essential oil.

    Tension system cephalalgia

    This is the most common type of headache. The disease mainly affects people who lead a sedentary lifestyle.

    Causes of tensionic cephalgia

    The main cause is a stretch or contraction of the muscles in the neck in the spine, neck, or head due to various activities (sedentary work, driving a car...).

    Signs of tension cephalgia

    Most often, pain spreads to the cervical spine up, but it can also affect one side (sometimes two) of the spine. crowns.


    You probably won't be able to change your sedentary work, but today you can find various stretching and strengthening exercises for the cervical spine on the Internet.

    Help from nature

    When you have an attack of pain, try to relax, enjoy tea, the pain should die down.

    The power of nature against headaches

    Herbal tea made of juniper

    A handful of juniper berries pour into a Cup and pour boiling water, leave for 10 minutes to infuse, and drink warm. Chamomile also helps to relieve pain, St. John's wort, lime, ginger, hibiscus, lavender, gingko biloba or Basil. In addition, you can make a tincture of willow bark, which also very effectively relieves pain.

    Ice or cold compress on the head

    The compress is easy to make.

    Method #1. Wrap the ice cubes in a towel and apply to the sore spot place on the head.

    Method #2. Soak a towel in cold water, wrap it around your head, and change it about every half hour or so, or when the towel becomes warm.

    Head massage

    Sit in a chair, relax and provide a pleasant (meditation music) and dark atmosphere (in case you are hindered light). Press your thumbs on the temples, hold the pressure slightly for 1 minute, then release. Repeat several times a day.

    Rest, enough sleep

    Plenty of sleep, at least seven hours a day, is the norm for an adult. Pay attention to the dream to be good rested. During the day, try to minimize possible stress. At least once a month, treat yourself to a massage or any other way that can relax the body.


    Walking is the most natural movement of the body. It does not burden the joints, burns energy, strengthens the muscles, and most importantly, you will be able to relax with it. It is best to take a walk in the forest or in the Park, when not only your muscles will be happy, but also your thoughts.

    Limit food and alcohol

    If you know which foods are causing your headache, try to avoid consuming them, or at least avoid them, limit it as much as possible. Study the information on food packages and make sure that they do not contain substances that your body refuses to take.

    A small amount of alcohol from time to time is not a big load for the body, the body copes with it without the slightest mistake. But watch out it is necessary to monitor the daily consumption of alcohol or taking large doses of it. This is a big shock to the body, after which it regains its healthy state within a few days. The body is overloaded and its functions are limited. So, just in moderation!

    Regular and deep breath

    If you can, find a quiet place during the day where you can close your eyes, relax, and focus only on your breathing. Take a deep breath, hold the air, and let it out. Repeat those these breaths exercise for at least two minutes. Focus only on the breath. This exercise will help you focus and provide relaxation for your entire body.

    Inhalation of essential oils

    If you have a homemade aroma lamp, you can also try this method. Light the lamp, close your eyes, and think only of your breathing and good health. Relax and "turn off" your thoughts for a while, this will help not only your body, but also your mind.

  • Weight loss and headaches

    Weight loss and headaches

    Recently, quite often people seek help from doctors precisely because of frequent and quite severe headaches, and many complain that the head is often and strongly dizzy. Of course, a headache can warn of a number of diseases that begin to manifest themselves as headaches in the head. But, in our time, a fairly common cause of pain is incorrect diets and severe exhaustion of the body. Many people if they want to lose weight just try to give up food as much as possible and do not think about what the consequences of this might be. After all, the main goal is a beautiful body, but many people forget about health, and then blame themselves and try to restore health.Naturally, many people start preparing for the summer in advance. The preparation, as a rule, includes a diet and strong physical activity. Many people are so puzzled people who are losing weight completely forget about their health and are ready to do anything just to lose a few extra pounds, and defile on the beach in perfect shape.

    Why do headaches and dizziness occur during dieting

    On in fact, there are quite a lot of reasons that when losing weight there is a headache and dizziness, and not everyone thinks that it is necessary to lose weight correctly. Let's look at why the head often hurts when dieting:

    1. Hunger and lack of calories necessary for a full day's diet often manifest themselves headaches, frequent dizziness and low blood pressure;

    2. Dehydration — if You still limit yourself to food, then do not forget that you can not deny yourself water. If the body is dehydrated, the first symptom is that the person is very dizzy. When dieting, it is recommended to drink more water than usual. An adult should drink at least two liters of water per day;

    3. Poor sleep and insomnia — if the body does not have enough essential substances and minerals, then this can have a bad effect on Your sleep. Since many people become very irritable when dieting and can not sleep on the empty stomach. It is better to eat something dietary before going to bed, or at least drink a glass of low-fat kefir or yogurt;

    4. Stress is very hard to bear when losing weight, since a person spends a lot of energy on what to survive and endure a stressful situation, and when there is a lack of useful trace elements and minerals often cause headaches;

    5. Heavy physical training — when you exhaust yourself in the gym or on the running field, do not forget that excessive training can harm Your health and provoke unpleasant and painful sensations in the head. Many people have the wrong or not full-fledged dieting after a hard workout can even make you dizzy;

    6. Lack of caffeine — if before the beginning of weight loss and diet You used a large amount of coffee, strong tea energy drinks and chocolate, then do not sharply limit yourself in these products, as this can lead to “caffeine withdrawal”. A lot of people do when refusing these products, people complain of severe and frequent headaches, low blood pressure, weakness, many people feel dizzy and even nausea. If you still decide to give up products that include coffee, then it is very important not to do it abruptly, initially try just to reduce the number of such products don't eat any more food, and later stop using them altogether. By the way, I would like to note that the myth about the harm of coffee is really only a myth, since coffee on the contrary accelerates, adjusts and improves the metabolism. It is recommended to give up these products because of the high content of carbohydrates, fats and artificial additives, so how they are considered of little use.

    As you can see, there are quite a lot of reasons and if You still decide to lose extra pounds and get your body in shape, then it is very important to do it correctly, and better under the supervision of a nutritionist. Since with the wrong weight loss, there is a high probability that after the end of the diet, an extra the weight can be doubled again. Think carefully before you exhaust yourself with diets and bring your body to exhaustion.

    Foods that are dietary and will help get rid of headaches

    Many people do not even think about the fact that many products not only promote weight loss, but also help to eliminate headaches. Let's look at exactly what products can be included here:

    • wholegrain;

    * sea fish (especially salmon);

    • ginger;

    • olives and olive oil;

    • artesian water.

    Such simple foods will help you stick to the diet and if you have a headache, it is easy to get rid of it. The main thing is to remember to drink a sufficient amount of water, at least 8 glasses of water a day, but with heavy physical exertion, the amount should be significantly higher. During the workout, it is very important to drink water, so as You expend a lot of energy and this can lead to dehydration of the body. It is important to remember that in no case should you starve, as this is one of the most dangerous ways to lose extra pounds. It is precisely because the body does not receive the necessary amount of minerals, amino acids, and vitamins and useful elements, most often there is a terrible headache. Be sure to make light snacks throughout the day, this will help to constantly saturate the body with necessary and necessary substances.

    What products should I opt out of

    On in fact, even ordinary food products can provoke headaches during weight loss. If you decide to lose weight and do not want to suffer from headaches, then you should give up products such as:

    • energy and carbonated drinks;

    • alcoholic beverages and Smoking;

    * drinks in the bar which contain caffeine;

    * cheeses (especially varieties with mold);

    * flour products and sweets;

    * chips and crackers;

    • sweeteners (sugar substitutes);

    • Chinese food;

    • food additives (monosodium glutamate, artificial sweeteners, nitrites, food additives coloring materials);

    • chocolate;

    * processed foods.

    The above products are not only harmful, but can also provoke the appearance of headaches. Also, from such products, many people gain weight significantly, their metabolism is disrupted and they often feel dizzy head.

    Losing weight for a note

    If You decide to prepare for the summer season or just still get yourself in shape, then be sure to do it correctly. Don't try to lose weight no matter what it costs you, because you don't really want to bring yourself to exhaustion and constantly feel dizzy. Remember that a headache can be so severe and disturb You quite often precisely because of the wrong diet. Namely, this can lead to the development of other more complex and serious diseases. When losing weight, it is very important to eat often (not too often less than 4-6 times a day), but the portions should be small. Try to make light snacks throughout the day, for example, eat an Apple (or any other fruit), or low-fat yogurt.

    Your diet and well-being depend solely on You. Eat properly (preferably eat more vegetables, fruits, poultry meat, etc.). fish), drink more water, exercise, walk and walk more. If you still decide to lose weight, then do it correctly. After all, I think that no one wants to be thin, but absolutely unhealthy. Namely, against the background of improper nutrition, a large number of dangerous diseases develop, which can significantly affect harm your health and well-being. Lose weight correctly and be healthy!

  • How to beat back pain?

    How to beat back pain?

    Back pain appears for various reasons, but in all cases, the person experiences discomfort. Get rid of it will help diet and light physical activity. Before starting self-treatment, you must undergo an examination to know what provoked the disease and what causes it it has consequences.

    How to get rid of pain

    First, you need to determine the cause of pain. If unpleasant symptoms appear from time to time and pass on their own, it can be fatigue or overexertion. Constant pain it should alert you and make you see a doctor, as it often hides a serious disease. Discomfort occurs for various reasons: the consequences of trauma, pathology of internal organs, excess body weight, heredity, and much more. Only a specialist can make a diagnosis after exams.

    Therapy depends on the cause of the disease and the patient's condition, but more often it involves the use of medications (painkillers, anti-inflammatory, chondroprotectors), taking a vitamin complex, dietary nutrition and physiotherapy. Medications can be prescribed in the form of ointments or gels for for external use, as well as in the form of injections, tablets or powders.

    Therapeutic gymnastics and physiotherapy play a huge role in the treatment or prevention of spinal pain. They are aimed at improving blood circulation and preventing motor disorder. Experts recommend choosing magnetic therapy, phonophoresis, electrophoresis, and massage. Physical therapy is useful even after surgical interventions and injuries, but you should exercise correctly, avoiding high loads.

    Vitamins and minerals are necessary for any body to to maintain it in working condition. It is recommended to choose complexes with vitamins A, C and E, which positively affect metabolic processes, nerve fibers, ligaments and tendons. The diet is necessary not for weight loss, but for supplying the body with useful substances.